Comedy preview: Ryan Singer at Woodlands

From the July 5, 2012 edition

Stand-up comedian Ryan Singer will make his third appearance at Woodlands Tavern on Monday. Singer said he has always enjoyed performing at alternative venues like Woodlands, and the smart, invested comedy fans that attend shows there will be the perfect warm-up for a big show next week.

Singer, a southern Ohio native, will record his first DVD at Go Bananas Comedy Club in Cincinnati on July 16. The DVD will be released sometime next year, and it will incorporate animation into the set.

Singer says the concept is similar to Comedy Central’s series “Shorties Watchin’ Shorties,” which turned stand-up jokes into animated shorts, but his show will be different in execution.

“Some of my bits … ones that lend themselves to being animated, whether that’s characters in the bit or something more visual in the joke, will be animated and bleed in and out of the live performance,” Singer said. “The characters that I’m portraying are suddenly there in this world. Then it’s gone and it melts back.”

Singer will also release his second comedy album in late summer. Titled “Comedy Wonder Town,” it shares its name with a television pilot he’s written about a world where comedy is dying because it’s no longer accepted.

“Think ‘Never Ending Story,’ but with comedy. [This guy] loses his job for telling a joke, and next thing you know he gets transported through his television into a place called Comedy Wonder Town. That’s where comedy is made. He interacts with this cast of characters whose only purpose in life is to make comedy … because it turns out the laughter is the one thing that makes the world go round,” Singer explained.

Another pilot Singer is currently writing, “White Trash Wolf,” isn’t quite as high-concept, but it sounds wonderfully hilarious.

“This guy gets scratched by a white-trash baby at a convenience store one night. He slowly turns into a white-trash guy. He’ll wake up and all the sleeves will be ripped off his shirt. They’ll be a bowling trophy in his room and he doesn’t even bowl,” Singer said.

The Monday night performance is $2 for those who buy tickets online and $5 at the door.