Fashion: What’s in your closet? Dancer Cherry La Voix

From the July 5, 2012 edition

When asked to pick three people who influence her sense of style, popular local dancer and rock party denizen Cherry La Voix named dance styles instead — hip-hop, pin-up burlesque and ballet. She offered a peek inside her closet to see how all three influence her look.

“I love wearing local designers,” La Voix said. “They go to my shows, so it’s important to me to support them.” Her local favorites include Anti.Label (which she’s wearing in this picture), Label Yourself and Josie Wills.

La Voix keeps her burlesque dresses and costume accessories — pasties, boas, shoes, fans, corsets — in a separate closet from her street clothes. “I love that old Hollywood glamour,” she said.

“I will do anything to avoid wearing jeans,” La Voix said. “Even if I’m not anticipating dancing, I might end up dancing.” So when she wants to dress casual, she goes for cut-up T-shirts (like this glow-in-the-dark Zeppelin one she loves) and spandex leggings and a headband or Puma tennis shoes with silk rompers. She recommended hitting the thrift and vintage shops on State Street in Westerville and in Dublin for good deals.

A very La Voix look: statement earrings, but worn only in one ear. Oh, and that shockingly red hair. She gets it did at Rendezvous salon.