Pool time: Backyard inflatable pools for grownups

  • Photo by Tim Johnson
From the July 5, 2012 edition

If you thought blow-up pools were just for the kiddies, you’ve missed out on a lot of backyard summer fun potential, my friend. They’re a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather without planning a big trip; they’re also a cheap and fun alternative to a pool membership. The set-up and tear-down is simple, so pick one of these up and take a mini-vacation without leaving your neighborhood.

For yourself

What: Intex Inflatable Swimming Pool

Dimensions: 80-inch diameter and 20 inches high

Price: $30

Where: Target

It takes only 10 minutes to assemble and is just the right size for you to kick back and grab some peace and quiet after a long workweek. Place it on level ground and inflate from there. The air pump is sold separately.

For couples

What: My Sunshine Deluxe Family Inflatable Swimming Pool

Dimensions: 120 inches long, 72 inches wide, 22 inches high

Price: $25

Where: Walmart

This pool has the right amount of space for you and your favorite person to stretch out your legs and enjoy a cold drink, and it only takes 10 minutes to set up. Simply inflate it, and then add water. The pool doesn’t come with an air pump, though.

For a party

What: Easy Set Pool

Dimensions: 12-foot circumference, 30 inches high

Price: $150

Where: Leslie’s Pools

It could fit about six or seven adults, and those who are willing to pay a little more and put in some extra maintenance won’t be disappointed. This pool is perfect for parties or barbecues when your guests want a chance to cool off without leaving the festivities. All you have to do is set the liner on level ground and inflate the top ring. It’s ready for water in less than 30 minutes, and it comes with a filter.