Roundup: Outdoor movie watching gear

From the July 5, 2012 edition

As parks all over town roll out the big screens for free outdoor movie showings this summer, we are left with two questions: “What movie do I want to see outside?” and “What should I bring?” Check out our cheat sheet below for answers to the latter question.


Batik-style tapestry, $30

Global Gallery

You will love this local store’s blanket options from India for movie-going in style. PSA: If you bring a chair, sit in the back — please.

Outdoor pillows

Plantation Patterns paisley print, $13


Lay that pretty head of yours on something designed to be comfy no matter what nature throws its way.

Bug spray

Cutter Skinsations, $4.50


This half-ounce bottle of mosquito repellant came as a freebie with a larger bottle of Skinsations. The smaller “pen size” is handy because it won’t weigh down your travel bag.

Movie candy

Sour Patch Kids, $1.39

Giant Eagle

Sour Patch Kids are far superior to any other movie theater staple, but you can pick up a box of your (less impressive) favorite candy at most grocery and drug stores.

Drinks cooler

Blue Avocado mini-chill clutch, $17


If dragging a cooler to an outdoor movie sounds obtrusive, try a cooler in a carry-on, like this eco-friendly Blue Avocado brand bag.