There's music that's described as toe-tapping, and then there's He's My Brother She's My Sister.

Thereís music thatís described as toe-tapping, and then thereís Heís My Brother Sheís My Sister.

The raucous and gloriously old-timey band is fronted by talented brother-sister duo Robert and Rachel Kolar, but itís spritely beat-keeper Lauren Brown who makes them unforgettable.

Brown lays down the rhythm underfoot ó literally. She furiously tap-dances on stage on a modified bass drum laid on its side, sometimes while simultaneously banging along on another drum.

It would all just be a gimmick if the music wasnít so damn great ó clap-along roots folk that feels like it just sprung up at the best party youíve ever been to.

Throw in a stage presence that is a joyful, freaky circus. Go to this show. I dare you not to smile.