Staff Pick: The Sketch Show at MadLab

From the July 5, 2012 edition

MadLab, the Downtown theater space and art gallery, has lately been offering lots of great improv shows and comedic plays. But the venue has a history of bringing together a variety of art forms during events like Volatility, the annual multi-disciplinary party that’s coming up later in July, and last month the MadLab crew started a monthly late-night event that features a variety of comedy elements.

During “The Sketch Show,” sketches are interspersed between improv scenes, stand-up comedy and maybe even some short films. As MadLab performer and spokesman Stephen Woosley explained, if something’s funny, it could be included.

Just like at any other MadLab comedy show, during the July installment of “Sketch Show” you’re likely to a) laugh until you cry b) try to stifle your laughter but then accidentally make a weird snorting noise and/or c) still be laughing about one of the gags days later. This’ll be your last chance to catch MadLab performer Carmen Scott on stage before she moves to Texas, and she should be enough motivation not to wait until the August edition rolls around.

Credit: Peter Graybeal photo