The List: 10 movie reboots we’d like to see

From the July 5, 2012 edition

With Spider-Man becoming the latest franchise to get a “reboot” — just five years after its last movie — we’re counting down 10 movies we’d actually like to see get a fresh coat of theatrical paint.


Sam Raimi seems built for telling ghost stories, so he’d be perfect to direct. We see Jon Hamm in the Craig T. Nelson role and his TV daughter Sally Draper (Kiernan Shipka) as the daughter who vanishes into the TV.

“Evil Dead”

Yep, Sam Raimi has bandied about the idea of doing a remake of his horror-comedy classic with a new, young director. At first we thought no one could possibly fill Bruce Campbell’s shoes … then we thought of Nathan Fillion. Think about it.


Michael K. Williams (Omar from “The Wire”) takes over the titular role from a great comic book series that was turned into a pretty awful movie — no John Leguizamo! Omar’s coming, yo!

“Mad Max”

Ryan Gosling plays Mad Max Rockatansky — yes, that’s his full character name — and Nicolas Winding Refn directs. The director and star of the “Drive” reunite and make the ultimate revenge tale filled with epic car chases, brutal violence and, of course, a synth-pop soundtrack.

“Smokey and the Bandit”

Jason Lee as the Bandit, and Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson) as Sheriff Buford T. Justice. The iconic Pontiac Trans Am remains. Lee could perfectly capture Burt Reynolds’ lovable redneck rogue from the original, and Offerman is great in everything. The reboot would also feature a showdown between of the two greatest mustaches ever.

“Lethal Weapon”

Donald Glover as Roger Murtaugh, Clint Eastwood as Martin Riggs, and Edgar Wright directs. It would be a spoof/action flick similar to Wright’s “Hot Fuzz.” Glover, as the veteran detective, will mutter the infamous line “I’m too old for this s---” despite being in his twenties. Eastwood plays the maniac, badass Riggs completely deadpan, with no allusion to his old age — just imagine Eastwood shirtless and toting a machine gun as he runs down the bad guys’ car on foot.

“The Crow”

Brandon Lee’s accidental death in the filming of the original kept this dark fantasy from burgeoning into a franchise — the “City of Angels” sequel was forgettable. Let’s start over with a director who knows how to do a dark superhero tale and one of his familiar actors: Christopher Nolan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


Joel McHale steps into the Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher role, and Dan Harmon writes and directs. The “Community” alums reunite to remake one of Chevy Chase’s most popular roles … because no one knows how to use Chase’s signature brand of humor like Harmon does.


It’s a tense classic — even if the shark looked fake — but we don’t think it’s untouchable. How about this? Coen brothers direct a trio of alumni from their movies: Steve Buscemi in the Richard Dreyfuss role, Javier Bardem fills in for Robert Shaw as Quint, and the sheriff protecting Amity Island? We replace Roy Scheider with Frances McDormand.

“Star Wars”

That’s right. We think it’s time to take the “Star Wars” franchise out of the misguided hands of creator George Lucas and give it back to someone with some flair. Joss Whedon writes. David Lynch — who was in line for “Empire Strikes Back” anyhow — directs.