Preview: Aaron Troyer: Solo Exhibition

From the July 19, 2012 edition

Visitors of Lucky 13 Salon may recognize the artwork of Aaron Troyer — he’s the artist behind one of the Clintonville salon’s wall murals. Or maybe you’ve seen the Ohio State alumnus at 83 Gallery, where his work has been on display.

This weekend marks the artist’s first solo show at open-space-turned-occasional-gallery It Looks Like It’s Open Gallery.

Troyer’s layered landscapes are like an illustrative imagination’s backyard. They are spaces in which one could happily lose her mind.

“I will usually have a loose idea about the composition of a piece, but I do very little planning and prefer to work spontaneously,” Troyer said.

His materials — gouache, water color and ink wash — are also unpredictable and spontaneously chosen.

“I enjoy this aspect of the medium because it guarantees a unique outcome with each piece. With any experimentation, there are some failures,” he said. “I will often use segments of abandoned works as collage materials for more fortunate drawings.”

This weekend’s show will display about 50 of Troyer’s favorite pieces. (The gallery opening is Saturday; however, Troyer said he will be at the space from noon to 2 p.m. Sunday as well.) Most of the works will be for sale for $40 to $100.

“Honestly, my main inspiration is the enjoyment that I get from the process. I love to draw and mess around with inks and different materials just to see what happens,” Troyer said. “It took me a while to really find a solid direction for my work, but I’ve been pretty happy with my progress over the last few years.”

Chris Bair photo