City: Q&A with stand-up comedian Brooke Cartus

From the July 26, 2012 edition

Brooke Cartus’ talents are endless. She’s a hilarious stand-up comedian and a witty writer — her blog delves into everything from thoughtful discussions about LGBT issues and her family to more quirky musings, like a lesbian’s take on “Magic Mike.” She recently left her job as a personal trainer to start law school at Ohio State, and I’m fairly certain there’s nothing she can’t do … even if her humility keeps her from saying so.

When I started comedy, I would split the LGBT and non-LGBT humor. But the more I did it, the more I realized that the LGBT stuff was so fun. It’s not just, “I’m gay, I’m gay, lesbian sex, scissoring.” I could talk about an awful blind date with a girl, and every straight guy gets it. Relationship jokes are universal. Everything blends together; it’s about people and relationships.

I started the blog because there were so many things I wanted to talk about on stage that didn’t work. Something you may want to turn into a two-second punch line needs three paragraphs. If there’s a topic I really want to delve into, I save it for the blog.

One thing I hate is when you go see a comic and then you go to their blog and it’s all the same jokes. So if you like my stand-up, I want you to go the blog and read totally different material.

The worst part about blogs is you can see how many people read it. For comics that can be devastating.

There are a lot of injustices involving the transgender community, and there is not a lot of precedent for the issues they face. And there’s a really great program focusing on [civil rights issues]. That’s the kind of law I’m planning on focusing on.

My mom is really sweet, but unfortunately for her I tend to date women with boy names. So if they’re named Jamie, Alex or Ryan and I tell my mom I went on a date with Ryan, she gets really excited. Then I tell her Ryan is a girl. She’s like, “That’s OK. I love you.”

My next comedy show is going to be August 10, hosting the sketch show at MadLab. I also do a ton of stuff at Wall Street Nightclub like hosting events, dance parties and stuff. For the Wall Street gigs, I’m pretty much like a chubby Miller Lite girl. I walk around and act sexy and promote stuff. But I’m an approachable lesbian because I’m cute enough, but I’m not too cute.

Photo by Tessa Berg