Staff pick: Comedy Sideshow

From the July 26, 2012 edition

In April two of Columbus’ funniest comedians, Justin Golak and Laura Sanders, each recorded and released their first comedy album. Since then, Golak and Sanders have vowed to never again perform live any material written before the album recordings. Tuesday the two co-headline Circus’ monthly Comedy Sideshow with all-new material — I feel confident predicting it will be just as funny as their previous stuff — for extended 20-25 minute sets. If you have a hankering for their old material, Golak’s “Influenced” and Sanders’ “Ohio Built Lady” CDs will also be for sale at the show. Golak will be handing over his regular Comedy Sideshow emcee duties to Weston Sherman for the night, and Chris Paugh, Lisa Berry, Michael Meyers and Andy Luttrell will open.