Staff Pick: Cursive

From the July 26, 2012 edition

I love Cursive for their versatility: They can be gloomy or angry, abrasive or contemplative, off-kilter or straightforward. But they’re always smart, and Tim Kasher’s lyrics tell the brutal truth, be it about suburban hypocrisy or the emotional strains of producing art — unless, of course, he’s singing about mythical twin sisters conjoined at the head. Many moons ago, when I was a music major struggling to keep up with the rigorous demands of conservatory training, I always felt comforted by Kasher’s agitated complaints that “art is hard.” It is, but he makes creating great music look easy.

Cursive will stop Monday at Rumba Cafe, a venue that’s a fraction of the size of the places where they normally play. I can’t wait to hear songs from February release “I Am Gemini,” a whacked-out concept album about estranged twin brothers, one good and one pure evil.

Credit: Daniel Muller photo