Beauty: A lesson in blush

From the August 2, 2012 edition

Spend a few minutes staring at a shelf of blush compacts and your mind will race: Hot pink. Dusty pink. Orange-pink. Burgundy. How to choose?

We got serious on the subject with local makeup artist Leigh Ann Ehmann, who started makeup artistry business Make You in 2009 and sees a steady stream of clients for makeovers, weddings and special events.

The key, Ehmann said, is to choose a shade that matches your skin when it’s flush — so next time you work out, take note. The darker your skin tone, the more likely you’ll want to choose a bright shade, like hot pink.

When you apply concealer and foundation, pay special attention to the edges of your nose, which Ehmann said are often overlooked. Smooth over them with a sponge to eliminate any redness that will prevent the blush from “popping.”

“You might have the perfect blush, but you might not like how it looks because you didn’t necessarily even out the red,” she said.

Then swirl a blush brush on the compact, tap it to get a light, even distribution and start with a quick little swipe of the cheek, beginning right below the iris (don’t start too close to the nose). Fill in using short up, down and around strokes that extend to just below the temple area.

You’re done when your cheeks help draw attention to your eyes.

Photos by Jeff Konczal