Local music: Hookers Made Out Of Cocaine

From the August 2, 2012 edition

What kind of band calls itself Hookers Made Out of Cocaine? The kind that shares shots of whiskey before photo shoots. The kind for whom a record release show involves literally releasing its record into space via helium balloons. The kind that never skips an opportunity to ridicule their best friends’ band, Lo-Pan.

Basically, a band that wrings every possible ounce of juvenile joy from playing music.

“This is the funnest band I’ve ever played in,” drummer Joel Archibald said, and he’s played in a lot of them.

So has bassist Donovan Roth, whose musical history is intertwined with Archibald’s.

“We have always had this f---ing amazing connection,” Roth said. “We would just not even talk. We would just look at each other and write a song.”

The pair played metal together in The Husher, which led to Archibald joining Roth’s band Smashy Smashy circa 2005. That evolved into Hookers Made Out Of Cocaine, a two-piece geared toward short, jarring blasts of party punk.

Archibald scaled back his musical endeavors after getting married and having a kid, but with his son approaching kindergarten age, Hookers resumed last fall. Their first new song, “Skot Thompson,” was about beating up Lo-Pan’s bass player.

“Within the first two or three practices, we pretty much had our whole set,” Archibald said.

They planned to continue as a duo, but Low Men guitarist J.R. Fisher turned out to be the perfect addition.

“We put him through the wringer, too,” Archibald said. “We’re still putting him through the wringer.”

Hazing rituals aside, they wasted no time recording a self-titled album, released on vinyl in June. All 19 tracks feature accompanying artwork, colored on bar napkins by Roth at the Hey Hey.

They toured the U.S. in June; another tour looms in September. In May they’ll tour Europe with Roth’s other band, Sick Thrills. But first, a pair of local shows this weekend: Friday at Tree Bar and Sunday at Carabar.

Photo by Tessa Berg