Preview: August Gallery Hop

From the August 2, 2012 edition

Visitors to Saturday’s Gallery Hop will notice 10 new outdoor murals in the arts district. The murals, which range from 120 to 200 square feet, are high-resolution vinyl photographs of works on view in exhibits at 10 Short North galleries this month. It’s all for “10 x 10 x 10: 10 Murals, 10 Galleries, 10 Openings,” a celebration of local artists for Columbus’ bicentennial. Here’s a look at three of the exhibitions on the lineup.

Marcia Evans Gallery

Painter Juan Carrera has had one of those archetypal artist years — hard on the heart, good for the art. He left a job and a relationship and handed over the reins of Abx, the abstract expressionist collective that he founded in 2010.

So earlier this year, he holed up and did what he wanted to do most: paint.

“Hard times make us wiser. It really puts us in touch with maybe what we need to discover. … I’m a result of all my limitations,” Carrera said during an interview at MoJoe Lounge, wearing a new short hair cut and a sense of tired peace befitting of people who have just waged and won a personal life war.

“These paintings are a little more my own style,” he said of his new work. “It’s more mature, more cohesive.”

See his thoughtfully colorful, emotive new voice alongside the work of fellow abstract painter Michael Halliday.

Ray’s Living Room

This gallery again proves to be a hot spot to see work by young local artists. Amandda Tirey Graham takes up the torch with her solo show featuring about 27 new oil paintings. Graham attributes her free-hand technique to watching her father pinstripe old cars when she was a kid (everyone asks her if she stencils her painting’s patterns, she said).

“For this show I pulled out a few new tricks mixed with my usual cast of odd germy characters,” Graham said. “I’m working more toward an ambiguous mix of macro and micro science in each painting, starting with more nebulous grounds. I like to imagine someone let me in on a big secret and I’m sharing what I learn with the viewer by documenting the weird stuff we don’t [and/or] can’t see.”

Terra Gallery

More than 30 of the gallery’s artists contributed a total of 200 pieces to this new show, titled “200 Visions.” All of the art is inspired by Columbus and the people who have helped it reach such a prominent milestone.

“Mariposa,” by Juan Carrera