Preview: Wilco at the LC

From the August 2, 2012 edition

We rejoin Wilco at the dawn of their “elder statesmen” stage. Their lineup, once a revolving door, has been stable since 2004. Their legend is sealed after upending expectations time and again while flinging roots rock and AM gold to the brink of experimental indulgence and back. They founded their own record label, their own festival, their own coffee.

This band could feasibly coast forever, a prospect that seemed disconcertingly real on 2009’s “Wilco (The Album).” Though seemingly designed as a primer to guide newcomers through Wilco’s rich history, it felt more like a B-sides collection — loosely connected highlights and filler that never quite cohered.

Refreshingly, 2011’s “The Whole Love” succeeds where “Wilco (The Album)” failed. Everything great about Wilco resurfaces: brash avant epics, relentlessly snappy pop-rockers, sleepy rumination suites. It feels like a renaissance.

The band’s inspiring live show comes to the LC Pavilion this Saturday with support from Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo.