Staff Pick: The Van Allen Belt at Till Dynamic Fare

From the August 2, 2012 edition

Here’s a toast to bands that dig through the past and actually come up with something magically new, bands like Pittsburgh’s glorious The Van Allen Belt.

As collected on 2010 album “Superpowerfragilis: Or How I Learned To Stop Caring And Love The Drug,” the group’s fresh take on psychedelia conjures sprightly choral anthems from black and white movie musicals and plops them in the middle of Avalanches-inspired acid trip hip-hop.

The juxtaposition of “old” and “new” sounds can feel so forced, but this is as far from that problem as possible. Nothing sounds like this.

Forest & the Evergreens, who are stalking everyone in Columbus, join The Van Allen Belt at Till this Friday, as does goLab.