The List: Top 10 Snoop Dogg name change suggestions

From the August 2, 2012 edition

With beloved rapper Snoop Dogg announcing this week that he’s changing his name to Snoop Lion (and planning a reggae album!), we’ve got some other suggestions if Calvin Broadus ever want to change things up again.

Snoop Dog

Because spelling counts.

Snoop OS X Lion

The new Snoop operating system has more than 200 new features, including live streaming to your television.

Snoop Doug

If Snoop ever enters the Witness Protection Program and has to live in a predominantly white suburb and wear pleated khakis, we’ve got the perfect incognito name!

Snoop Koala

They sleep all day and often have the munchies. Enough said.

Snoop LOLcat

I can haz new identity? You canz forget my entire career of violent lyricz? LOLZ?! Dis s--- cray.

Big Baby Broadus

Ol’ Calvin Broadus should take a page from the master of the hip-hop name change, the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard aka Dirt Dog aka Dirt McGirt aka O.D.B. aka Ason Unique aka Osirus aka Big Baby Jesus.

Snopes Dogg

In addition to a music career, he could spend time debunking online folklore and urban legends.

Lord Snoop Dogginnton of Compton Abbey

Snoop could finally get the crossover appeal with the PBS crowd he’s always so desperately sought.

Spoon Dogg

This appeals to both indie rock fans and dyslexics.

Snoop Blogg

You should totally check out Snoop’s awesome Tumblr.