We tried it: Robert’s Remedies Bite + Burn

From the August 2, 2012 edition

Last month a pair of Bexley brothers, Isaiah and Steven Shalwitz, launched Robert’s Remedies, a company that produces natural products that help ease pain from things like sunburn and sore throats. The not-so-secret ingredient in the products was an idea of their father’s.

Daddy — aka Robert Shalwitz — is a pharmaceutical developer. He discovered that eBYE (which stands for essential brewer’s yeast extract) helped relieve pain from sores and burns that cancer patients develop during treatment.

Among the line’s initial offerings is Bite + Burn. Bite + Burn seemed the most pertinent to test this time of year; it helps relieve the pain of bug bites and sunburn. Hello, entire summer experience.

The two-ounce bottle is $7.50 on the Robert’s Remedies website, and it’s also sold at Celebrate Local. In addition to eBYE, its natural ingredients include organic aloe, witch hazel and lavender essential oil.

A mosquito landed on my left calf during a meeting, and I let it bite me. I’m no Marie Curie, but some high fives for my sacrifices to you, dear reader, would be appreciated. I sufficiently itched the crap out of it for about half an hour.

One pump of the clear Bite + Burn lotion was all I needed to cover the red lump and the irritated skin around it. It dried fast and didn’t leave a crunchy circle of residue behind. The itch was gone immediately. Most impressive, it soothed and cleared up the bite so much that the next day I nearly forgot where it had been on my calf.

As long as I have some of this stuff, bugs can bite me.

Photo by Tessa Berg