Objects of Desire: Men’s lightweight pants

From the August 9, 2012 edition

Cool clothing — physically cool, I mean, not aesthetically — for hot days is the one area of style where men get the short end of the pant. Or the long end, as the case may be.

Women, we shave and wax and tan ourselves into oblivion during the summer. We wear strapless bras, for heaven’s sake. But I feel bad for dudes on one issue: their bottoms.

There is no short skirt equivalent for guys in the summer. Manpris and shorts are OK when you’re getting casual, sure, but what about more fancy occasions — when a suit is too dressy and jorts will earn you a few stink eyes?

The solution, it seems, is all about the material.

“Linen pants for men, drawstring or no drawstring, are definitely a staple for summer,” said Christy Walsh, a stylist for local fashion consulting company Wardrobe Therapy. “To take your linen pant to a casual dinner, it can be paired with a fitted white or light-colored cotton button-down shirt and can be layered with a smart navy cotton blazer or lightweight V-neck sweater.”

Sounds sexy.

Walsh recommended a stone-color or khaki linen pant as “a great casual option for the warm weather during the day. Wear it with a simple white or solid, muted-color cotton crew neck or V-neck tee, she added.

I also like the idea of a bold colored linen pant on a man, like white or yellow or pink. Pull those off and you’ll basically be saying you own the beach house, you land the babe, you drink the milkshakes … and you’re not sweating off your family jewels.

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