TV review: Black Dynamite

From the August 9, 2012 edition

When Adult Swim announced it was turning the cult movie “Black Dynamite” into an animated series — with Michael Jai White and much of the movie’s cast lending voices to the series and “The Boondocks” alumni Carl Jones and Brian Ash as executive producers — I was excited.

After the first four episodes I’d say my expectations might have been too high, but “Black Dynamite” is still a great show that incorporates some of the best aspects of both the film and the “The Boondocks” series. The jokes are sharp and scathingly risque, and blending modern pop culture into the ’70s atmosphere (like the Michael Jackson-themed premiere) is brilliant.

Maybe the animated version can’t live up the feature film, but that’s a really high standard to try to meet, and the animated episodes are getting better and better with each week.