Hot workouts: Ballet-style routine

From the August 16, 2012 edition

The best advertisement for Pure Barre is a visual scan around the studio before a workout: All you’ll see are sleek bodies, most of them sporting the “Pure Barre ledge,” a trademark butt jut that signals you’re achieving lift and definition. I, on the other hand, am mushy, despite a fervent dedication to lap swimming and jogging three or four times per week. Pure Barre might be just what the doctor ordered. And, hey, I took dance classes through college. How hard could it be?

The class immediately reminded me of the date on my diploma. Isometrics (tiny motions meant to fatigue your muscles) at the barre and on the floor, using balls, bands and light weights, are followed by stretches meant to elongate muscles. Arms, legs, butt and abs are the focus (and the bane of many a lady’s existence). My body just plain refused to accomplish some of the moves — as it turns out, sitting in an office chair has not been building a strong core — but I’m willing to go back and try. They say clients see results after 10 workouts.