Hot workouts: Fit Jump

From the August 16, 2012 edition

Fit Jump kicked my mildly fit behind. A backyard bounce session with your bestie this is not.

The circuit-style workout takes place mostly on a floor made of 20 rectangular trampolines surrounded by walls of more trampolines. Each member of the class takes a tramp and performs an exercise listed on a note card taped to it. They perform the exercise for 55 seconds and then rotate to the next trampoline.

Fifty-five seconds is a great time frame; it is long enough to really push yourself to maximize the workout but short enough to not intimidate you. Before I knew it we were done and I was dripping in sweat and feeling tough. The bounce added a control element to exercises like planks and arm digs.

The end of the workout included running and jumping from a trampoline into a pit of foam blocks (fun!) and additional circuit floor work with more traditional equipment such as undulation ropes. —Jackie Mantey