Hot workouts: Yogasu

From the August 16, 2012 edition

Because Melt Hot Fitness doesn’t have a lobby, you’re immediately introduced to the toasty 95-100 degrees necessary for Yogasu, a hot yoga class. The reality of doing yoga in a sweltering room for an hour immediately sets in.

Yogasu is performed with a Bosu, an exercise ball that is cut in half and flat on one end. The class itself was fast-paced and had a soundtrack from a mix of genres that seemed to fit perfectly with whatever move we were doing.

Balancing my knees, hands, feet and everything else on the Bosu proved to be as challenging as I expected, but it wasn’t overwhelming. The instructor, Kelly, was not only helpful and friendly but also encouraging, which I appreciated as I balanced my trembling body on the Bosu. She offered three or four different levels of difficulty for almost every pose we did, and she encouraged the class to take water breaks and know when to relax and when to push harder.