Preview: Anders Osborne at Woodlands Tavern

From the August 16, 2012 edition

Anders Osborne hails from Sweden, and he’s bearded, but he doesn’t play whispery folk music or soul-shattering heavy metal. No, Osborne plays a bluesy, poppy, smart-but-not-brainy brand of rock music marked by worldwide hitchhiking and a home base in New Orleans.

Osborne’s new “Black Eye Galaxy” often resembles, of all things, a scrubbed-up version of The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s woozy pop psychedelia, though shades of country shine through in tracks like “Tracking My Roots.”

He defies stereotypes and categorization without doing anything all that radical. He’s just a free spirit with a populist ear who’ll probably put on an awesome show Tuesday at Woodlands.

Jerry Moran photo