Best jobs in Columbus: Fit model Dee Dee Jones-McCuen

From the August 23, 2012 edition

When I say I’m a fit model, everyone thinks I’m a fitness model but that has nothing to do with what it is. I’m a live dummy that fashion design companies fit garments to. I am a live form. I’m a size medium, so La Senza grades down from my form to make small and extra small and grades up to make large and extra large.

I get a lot of looks up and down when I tell people I am a fit model.

I’m a size six. My measurements are 34C breasts, 28-inch waist and 38 1/2-inch hip. I get measured every two weeks. It’s mandatory that I stay within a quarter of an inch of those measurements.

I traveled in March to Hong Kong, China and Vietnam, which was awesome. That is where our garments are produced. We’ll travel there and fit like crazy and then the garment gets sent to production. It was amazing — from flying first class, to getting champagne on the plane, to seeing different cultures. It was a long week, but it’s pretty amazing. It’s a lot of work, but we got to tour. My favorite place was Vietnam. It was gorgeous, and I loved the people. The people were very endearing.

I’ve always been all about beauty. I’ve always had such a love for movies and supermodels. One of my very favorite prominent people is Sophia Loren. She represents inner and outer beauty. I have always been mesmerized by her. Evolving from a kid to an adult, I’ve always wanted to represent and be beautiful. Being this tall, gangly redhead, I always felt ugly. So I strive to be what I perceive as beauty. Not only just having makeup on your face, but being the total package.

It is sort of a dream job. My makeup and this together hand in hand is something I wake up every morning — I do this every morning — I say, “Thank you, Lord, for everything you have laid my hand to do.” This industry, especially fit, is very hard to get into.

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