Preview: Urban Scrawl 6

From the August 23, 2012 edition

In the 13 months since it was resurrected as a workspace for artists, 400 West Rich has come a long way physically. But its courtyard and adjacent parking lot still have the feel of a secret hideout, a nook within an old industrial space where the cool kids go to hang out and drink.

As such, it’s a perfect location for Urban Scrawl, which involves hanging and drinking, but much more as well. The annual happening combines artists working in public on a large scale, live music and dance performance, local food vendors and, of course, a steady flow of malty suds.

For its sixth installment and second year at the facility, property manager Chris Sherman said, “We’re trying to increase the presence.”

That means an upgrade from one to two stages with full performance schedules — one stage hosting indie rock curated by The Hot 17 and Organ Grinder productions, the other organized by event promoter Squared and featuring break-dancers, DJs and electronic artists.

The who’s who of local artists who’ll spend the two days of Scrawl creating original murals on wood panels has also expanded substantially this year, from about 30 to 50 working solo and in teams.

And for the first time, beer offerings will be supplemented by a cash bar. Look for it inside adjacent food cart eatery Dinin’ Hall.