Get your game on: OSU football drinking game

From the August 30, 2012 edition

Buckeye football games are already a good time, but why not make it better by turning it into a drinking game. Go alcohol! Here are a few suggestions, but feel free to come up with your own.

• Holding called on the Buckeyes: Take one drink.

• Holding not called on the opposing team: Take two drinks.

• Gratuitous cheerleader shot: Take one drink and a do cartwheel (or black flip if possible).

• Braxton Miller scrambles for a first down: Chug a beer while running around the living room, bar, tailgate, etc.

• Ohio State defense sacks the opposing quarterback: Take one drink and tackle your nearest friend.

• Ohio State defense incepts the ball: Steal someone’s beer and chug it.

• Urban Meyer scowls: Take three drinks, mutter obscenities.

• Opposing team scores a field goal: Take a shot.

• Opposing team scores a touchdown: Take a double shot.

• Ohio State records a safety: Do the Safety Dance. Anyone who refuses, or doesn’t know what the Safety Dance is, must chug a beer.

• Anytime Brent Musburger annoys you and/or says “folks”: Take a drink (warning, this may result in passing out before halftime).

• Anytime someone yells out O-H: Do not drink; it will result in alcohol poisoning.

• Zach Boren lays a devastating block for the running back: Shotgun a beer and crush the can on your head.

• Shot of shirtless, painted student in the crowd: Take a shot, remove shirt.

• Ohio State scores 24 points in the first quarter: Natty Light case race.