Roundup: Kitchen gadgets galore

From the August 30, 2012 edition

It’s nearing the end of what is fondly referred to as wedding season. Are you totally over buying your friends all the cool kitchen gadgets you wish you had? We think it’s time to treat yourself. Our top picks for reasonable kitchen indulgences:

Tea infuser stick, $10

Crate & Barrel, Easton Town Center

Add loose tea leaves, insert in a cup of hot water and swirl to your heart’s delight. Tea bags and other less-easily-stirred infusers are so last year.

Emulstir dressing mixer, $15

Crate & Barrel

Homemade salad dressings are delicious, can keep for weeks and cost a fraction of the store-bought stuff. Still, no one seems to make their own — probably because they don’t have this slick-looking mixer and storage container. It even comes with a few basic recipes.

Mastrad chip maker, $20

Bed, Bath & Beyond, various locations

This perforated silicone tray is all it takes to make quick chips (using anything from potatoes to mangos) in the microwave. The kit comes with a slicer to cut the “chips,” and the tray keeps them suspended while the microwave makes them crispy.

Cupcake Pen, $13

Bed, Bath & Beyond

This gadget might make you think, “Who knew I needed one of these?” And yet, how can you turn down such a smart design that keeps muffin-pan messes under control? Sayonara, burned batter!

Beater whisk, $18

Smartest. Design. Ever. The outer, slide-down ring makes it easy to use and even easier to store. Plus, it comes in fun colors and won’t get all banged up and bent, like your traditional metal version.