Staff pick: Graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister at CCAD

From the August 30, 2012 edition

Stefan Sagmeister is one of those designers whose personality and work bubbles beyond colleagues and clients in his own industry. He does have rock-star cred (he’s designed album covers for the Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, Aerosmith and others) and the Grammys to go with it.

Sagmeister’s design firm creates corporate identity campaigns, retail packaging, billboards and other materials of business, but it also spends considerable time and energy on more artistic pursuits. Statements about politics and the social order are common themes in Sagmeister’s work (an image of a commercial yard filled with shipping containers, some of them arranged to read “ambition,” for example). He infuses these potentially heavy statements with a sense of wonder and discovery that is a delight for the eyes and mind.

Sagmeister is a well-amplified voice for explaining how design touches the most essential aspects and most memorable moments of our lives. Take a look at his TEDx talk on that subject, and you’ll be moved to go to CCAD on Thursday and listen to him live.

Credit: John Madere