The List: 10 worst band names ever

From the August 30, 2012 edition

Rock fans get a rare chance to see not one but two bands with terrible names in one place when Buckcherry and Puddle of Mudd take the stage at the Newport. Join us as we look back on some great moments in bad band-naming.

10. Toad the Wet Sprocket

Only a slight improvement over their original name, Toad the Moist Sprocket.

9. Audioslave

Just barely edging out Chickenfoot for the title of Worst Supergroup Name, this sounds like the name of a bad Radiohead cover band.

8. Asia/Europe/Chicago/Alabama/Boston/Kansas/etc.

“Who’s ready to rock ‘n’ roll?! And maybe learn a little something about geography?!”

7. Panic! At the Disco

There’s nothing quite! as annoying! as a misplaced exclamation! point, huh? Honorable mention to Godspeed You! Black Emperor and the unpronounceable “!!!”

6. Limp Bizkit

They did it all for the nookie, not for the correct spelling.

5. Dave Matthews Band

What could possibly be more boring than taking your name and just tacking “Band” on the end, dude? Oh, yeah, your music.

4. Hootie & the Blowfish

On the flip side, maybe don’t make up a name that sounds like a band member, but isn’t. Ask Darius Rucker how many times a fan was disappointed he didn’t sign an autograph “Hootie.”

3. Chumbawamba/Kajagoogoo/Bananarama/Oingo Boingo/Hoobastank

Band names or baby’s first words? You decide.

2. tUnE-yArDs

Remember, it’s “tUnE-yArDs,” not “ThE-tUnE-yArDs” … And if you really want to up the ante on pretension, you can just write your band name like your caps key got half-stuck.

1. Nickelback

The only thing more uninspired than their brand of neo-butt-rock? The origin of their name. One of the band members worked at Starbucks, where change was commonly five cents, hence, “Here’s your nickel back.” Ugh.