DIY: Workout T-shirt

By Columbus Alive
From the September 13, 2012 edition

Looking for some new workout tops? Save your money and go shopping in your closet. This DIY project lets you transform a tired tee into a fitness favorite — all done in three steps, no less.





1) Cut the neck, sleeves and bottom seam off of the T-shirt.

2) Flip the shirt over to the backside and trim about an in inch in from each shoulder to the seam at each armpit. Then cut a “V” from the neck to about the space between your shoulder blades.

3) Cut the ring of fabric that was once the bottom of the T-shirt to make it one long strip. Bunch together the fabric between the arm holes, making a racerback shape. Knot the strip to the top of the racerback, just above the mouth of the V. Wrap the strip around the gathered racerback to the point of the V then wrap it back to the top. Knot the end of the strip.

4) Stop procrastinating by making workout T-shirts and hit the pavement.