Casino: By the numbers

From the October 11, 2012 edition

Numbers go with casinos just as much as martinis and tuxedoes. From card-counting to side-bets, penny-slots to blackjack, you simply can’t escape numerical figures. So, we figured, why not give you the run-down on some of the most important ones.

$400 million — Cost of casino

3 million — People expected to visit the casino annually

200,000 — Square footage, including gaming floor, restaurants, guest services, etc.

2,000 — Employees

About 30,000 — Playing cards

More than 3,000 — Slot machines

More than 100 — Big-time tables like poker, black jack and craps (The Commerce, the largest casino on Earth, has 243 for comparison)

1,200 — Dice available

1,100 — Poker card set-ups (a set-up is two decks of cards)

150 — Bottles of wine on the list at Final Cut Steakhouse

15 — Number of different beers on tap in the sports bar and entertainment lounge o.h.

Source: Hollywood Casino