Preview: Locality 2012

  • Photo by bortmasphoto
From the October 11, 2012 edition

Independent dance in Columbus is done being an art scene understudy.

“Dance is a weird thing. It’s innate to want to move and be and express yourself in your body, but it’s also something that’s really hard to pin down, to take home and consume in,” said Locality coordinator Nicole Garlando. “There’s not a lot of funds or attention paid to the amazing independent professionals we have in this city. I think that was the goal of Locality: to get some recognition for ourselves and kind of come together as a group and support each other and bring light to the amazing things that are happening in dance in the indie scene.”

Locality commissioned 12 choreographers to pick a space in Columbus — such as the Union Station Arch, Whetstone Park and Strand Café — and create a dance — from post-modern to liturgical — in that space. There’s a robust lineup of events, but the spotlight of Locality is on a Saturday bus tour (tickets are $60) that will carry the Locality audience from spot to spot to watch each dance performance. Limited room is left on the 52-seater bus, but $5 tickets are available at the individual locations.