Preview: The Intergalactic Nemesis: Book One Target Earth

  • Courtesy “The Intergalactic Nemesis”
From the October 11, 2012 edition

Hysteria will soon sweep a captive audience in this very city. A race of acidic sludge alien monsters will potentially decimate all that these humans hold dear. A sound effects artist will share a stage with voice actors. What adventure!

“The Intergalactic Nemesis” is a live-action performance of a graphic novel. The story comes to life courtesy of a sensory feast — three actors on stage read the parts in an old-timey radio mystery show style, a Foley artist provides sound effects with unconventional objects, live musicians set the tone, and a big screen flashes colorful comic panels.

In “The Intergalactic Nemesis” it is 1933 and resident reporter-on-the-scene Molly Sloan and her assistant Timmy Mendez get caught in a web of interplanetary secrets and war. Helping them fend off menacing humans and aliens alike is a mysterious, sexily spectacled librarian from Arizona.

“Ben Wilcott. He’s the romantic hero, a librarian, an everyday guy. I care deeply about that character,” said “The Intergalactic Nemesis” creator Jason Neulander. “He wasn’t born with super powers. He just is a smart, nice guy. I guess through my own personal story I can really identify with the idea of trying to succeed against all odds.”

The fact that the production’s characters are relatable despite struggling to survive in such a fantastic setting and plot holds a lot of the appeal of “The Intergalactic Nemesis,” Neulander said.

Plus, the writing is funny. And the illustrations and music are superb. And someone actually did a lot of research to find the best way to represent the sound of moving sludgy alien blobs.

“If you like being entertained,” Neulander said, “come to this show.”