The Soft Moon at Ace of Cups

From the November 1, 2012 edition

UPDATE: This show has been postponed until further notice.

Oakland synth-monger Luis Vasquez taps into the dreamy haze that remains popular in underground rock, but his aggressive, goth-inspired dance cuts are more nightmarish than most. Joy Division references, while tired from overuse, would be appropriate here. But Vasquez offers a unique enough take that his second album Zeros, out this week on Captured Tracks, feels special.

Opening Sunday’s show is Group Rhoda, a darkwave solo project from neighboring San Francisco self-described as such: “an effort to negate the sound of safety, control, wastefulness, weak mirroring, transparent shadowing and follow a path reflective of my own fabricated inner environment and imagination.” Party on?

The show starts at 7:30 sharp, so don’t be late.