Preview: Pecha Kucha at 400 West Rich

  • Photos by Kevin Fox
From the November 8, 2012 edition

Creativity sans self-promotion drives the purpose-driven heart of Pecha Kucha. During the program, which has events internationally, speakers pick 20 images to talk about; they then speak for 20 seconds per image.

Comedians, artists, slow-food enthusiasts and designers have all taken Columbus’ version of the Pecha Kucha stage. Columbus PK hosts events four times a year. This Thursday marks your last 2012 chance to get your Pecha Kucha fill.

On the lineup to speak at this 400 West Rich edition are the following: architect Michael Bongiorno of DesignGroup; Eriyah Flynn of Vegan Connection; Catherine Girves of Pedal Instead; Max Ink of Blink Comics; Amy Spears of Ohio Roller Girls; poet Paula Lambert, and comedian Jay Schmidt.

Sean Gardner from Winter Makes Sailors and DJ Scott Vayo are the night’s live musical highlights.

Happening simultaneously in the studio’s space during Pecha Kucha will be the mixer event for the Central Ohio Chapter of the American Planning Association. Feel free to hop in the conversation and mix.

Dinin’ Hall, which is a street food hub located on the southeast corner of the building, will have food for sale. Don’t forget a chair to sit in and the suggested $2 donation. Insider tip: free parking is available in the lot east of the building and along Lucas Street.