Preview: William Morris: Archival Collection

From the November 8, 2012 edition

Another world-renowned but lesser-known artist’s work will be on view downtown this weekend, as well. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has said that William Morris would be consecrated by posterity. Morris looks like a graying Fabio and sculpts glass. His work is in many a prestigious permanent collection — among them, the Louvre — and Hawk Galleries has compiled a taste of his famous body of work, which is admired for its unique surface treatment and ethnic underpinnings.

The archival collection on view at Hawk Galleries particularly focuses on the art’s honoring of various ethnic traditions from several of Morris’ collections, produced between 1986 and his retirement in 2007. For example, tribal masks, like the blown glass Nepalese priest face; bronze and glass medicine jars; and urns decorated with various animal sculptures.