Staff Pick: Deathsquad Comedy Show

  • Doug Benson
From the November 8, 2012 edition

A plethora of excellent standup will be represented when the Deathsquad Comedy Show hits Columbus this Saturday. The tour brings Brandon Walsh, Doug Benson, Columbus native Brian Redban, and Tony Hinchcliffe to Woodlands Tavern. Benson is best known for The Marijuana-Logues, the documentary “Super High Me” — stoners in the front — and his podcast Doug Loves Movies — cinema geeks in the back. While Benson will surely make jokes about weed, his act has more substance than just illegal substances. Redban is co-host and producer of Joe Rogan’s podcast, but his finest contribution to society is filming Rogan’s infamous confrontation of “alleged” joke thief Carlos Mencia. Redban’s raunchy comedy is can’t miss hilarious. Walsh is one of the brightest up-and-coming acts around, and is the comedian I’m most excited to check out. I’m not very familiar with Hinchcliffe, but if he’s rolling with these three he’s got to be funny.