Staff Pick: Times New Viking’s Over & Over

From the November 8, 2012 edition

Times New Viking’s three members live in three different cities now, and live shows are scarce. But the band that brought international attention back to Ohio’s historically skewed and skuzzy underground rock tradition is still alive — though certainly mellowed and refined — and a new EP is coming out on Siltbreeze this Tuesday to prove it.

Over & Over presents 14 minutes of TNV at its most wistful. Jared Phillips’ guitar and Beth Murphy’s keys are reined in from former ear-splitting aggression into melancholic pop experiments sewn together by Murphy and Adam Elliott’s hypnotic vocals. It’s an immensely appealing version of a unit that has already proved its ability to rip. If this is the sound of TNV hitting their 30s, let’s get an entire album of it pronto.