The Young at Ace of Cups

From the November 8, 2012 edition

Why you should go: Naming your band after that ever-fleeting sensation known as youth is ballsy. You set yourself up for lots of “old” jokes down the line; just ask Kim and Thurston. But for now, Austin combo The Young is actually young, and they sound like it in the best ways.

Dub Egg, the group’s second album and first for Matador, shows an omnivorous love for the rock records of all generations. This band clearly hangs out in the stacks, but they don’t let their broad palate wander off into too broad a palette. Their album appropriates classic rock, psych, punk, lo-fi pop and more into a familiar but distinct beast.

Pink Reason and Nasty Habit round out an intriguing combination of bands.

Ben Aqua photo