Preview: Dance Uptown’s Feast your Senses

  • Photos by Nick Fancher
From the November 15, 2012 edition

Four choreographic collaborations comprise this iteration of OSU Dance Department’s Dance Uptown series, a study of the continued development of modern dance.

A deconstructed baroque ballet, “Radiant Paths,” fuses contemporary ideas with Baroque movement that evolved from activities like fencing and that era’s social dancing.

Another piece, “Commonplace,” is a graceful nod to the complicated lives of women set to music from “Forgotten Peoples,” by Veljo Tormis and performed by the Estonian Chamber Choir.

A four-section dance called “Gone’s Goings” using contemporary movement to journey through the work of children’s book authors and illustrators Virginia Hamilton, Verna Aardema, and Leo and Diane Dillon.

Finally, “Nothing II” by Noa Zuk and visiting choreographer Ohad Fishof is set to original music by Fishof.