Stalls of Fame: Betty’s Fine Foods & Spirits

  • Photos by Meghan Ralston
From the November 15, 2012 edition

Local artist Bryan “Bam” Grey created the bathroom murals in Betty’s. Bam’s reputation for pushing the envelope attracted owner Liz Lessner to hire him to do the work. She was not disappointed, much to her lighthearted dismay.

“There’s an especially racy mural in the mens’ room. Initially, there was a very sexy cat on that mural with very realistic body parts,” Lessner recalled. “I made Bam go back and paint underpants on that kitty!”

The women’s bathroom mural is much tamer, but Bam will be Bam.

“There’s a handsome man in a tux standing in the doorway with a bouquet of flowers awaiting his date. In Bam’s original version he had the man’s pants on the ground revealing boxers with lipstick kisses all over them,” Lessner said. “I didn’t notice immediately and it remained that way for a few weeks. Eventually, Bam put the man's pants back on and he’s now wearing a full pair of trousers. No lipsticked boxers now.”

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