Stalls of Fame: Eddie George’s Grille 27

From the November 15, 2012 edition
  • Photo by Meghan Ralston

Do you ever get bored while peeing? Maybe get a little stage fright and need something to distract you from the task at hand? Or maybe you just like pretending to pee on people. Whatever the case may be, Eddie George’s Grille 27 has the bathroom for you.

With a two-way mirror in the men’s room — no, not the creepy kind where someone is watching you go, but the way less creepy kind where you watch someone while you go — above a couple of urinals, peeing at the campus sports bar is pure voyeuristic amusement. Looking out into the bar area, the mirror lets you make sure someone doesn’t try to steal your seat — or your girlfriend — while you’re in the can. I guess you can also keep watching the big game, if you’re so inclined. These urinals earn bonus points for having the logo of that team from up north.

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