Stalls of Fame: Kafe Kerouac

From the November 15, 2012 edition
  • Photo by Meghan Ralston

Decorating the walls of the bathroom at this java joint are items found in the used books Kafe Kerouac sells.

“Photos, notes, post cards and other mementos. As long as they’re not too pornographic, as a few of them have been,” said Jack Wilson, who is in charge of the book sales at the space. “Some stuff gets swiped every once in a while.”

Wilson plans to photocopy a found amateur rap, for example, before he hangs it in the bathroom because he knows it will be taken by an amused potty-goer.

Other highlights: notes from people in prison, Polaroid photos from a book club in the 1940s and a handwritten come on, “I just ate a mouth full of Skittles. Don’t you want to taste the rainbow?”

“You really just never know what you’ll find,” Wilson said. “There’s all kinds of good stuff.”

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