Stalls of Fame: The Angry Baker

  • Photos by Meghan Ralston
From the November 15, 2012 edition

Stop in the john at The Angry Baker to be immersed in what feels like the climax of a culinary fable. Rabbits, pigs, cats and other creatures lead a procession with confections propped on pedestals and pierced with stakes.

“These woodland creatures are marching for the angry baker. They represent her. They share her love of chocolate cakes and disdain for cupcakes,” said Ashley Puckett, owner of Opal Stackhouse in Olde Towne East and part of the team of artists that created the anthropomorphic mural.

A classical music album cover with a procession of animals inspired the mural, which Baker owner Vicki Hink commissioned with total creative freedom to the artists.

“I wanted to go with something emotional but kind of silly as well,” Puckett said. “Angry animals seemed fitting — playful and ridiculous.”

And, strangely enough, they’ll make you long for a piece of that chocolate cake.

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