Aerosmith with Cheap Trick at Nationwide

From the November 22, 2012 edition

Music From Another Dimension! does not inspire confidence as the title of a new Aerosmith album. As harbingers go, an opening song title like “LUV XXX” is even worse. The prospect of fresh material from this band in 2012 is kind of gross even without such ruinous details, but alas, Steven Tyler and the boys are back.

Fortunately, what transpires in these 18(!) tracks isn’t the monument to camp and self-unawareness it could have been. Nothing from this mass of glamorous gloss is going in the pantheon, but it won’t be that unpleasant to endure while waiting for “Dream On” Sunday at Nationwide.

Plus, in case you’re not really jonesing for “Crazy” like you were back in ’94, they’ve wisely signed up Cheap Trick as the opening act to sweeten the deal. Time has been a little kinder to Robin Zander and the boys’ legacy, but not being human cartoons will do that for you.