Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Gifts for pop culture geeks

From the November 22, 2012 edition

Labryinth poster, $18

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Perfect for that geek in your life who leans slightly hipster. Owl? Check. A movie featuring David Bowie? Check. From Etsy? Check. Hipster bingo!

Star Wars family decals, $14.99

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Car decals featuring little Johnny and little Suzy and the dog Skip are pretty obnoxious. Be subversive with your geeky self by buying these admittedly righteous Star Wars decals. With 50 decals total featuring 19 distinct characters, you could opt for a future Jedis family, a battle of Endor family or, our favorite, a scum and villainy family.

Doctor Who TARDIS lunchbox, $16.99

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Lunch breaks, if you ever take them, should feel like a respite from work. Pack your lunch in this TARDIS and be transported to a land of wonder and awe (and, maybe, if you're particularly unlucky, some Daleks).

DeLorean diecast model, $19.39

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Roads? Where you're going you don't need roads.