Theater preview: The Twelve Dates of Christmas

From the November 22, 2012 edition

Not to be confused with the ABC Family movie of the same name, this one-woman play is billed as the “Sex and the City” for real people.

Mary has spent the past year single. Last holiday season, she saw her fiancé making out with his co-worker whilst watching national TV coverage at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. She spent the next year being set up and let down. Ouch, yes, but Mary’s recounting of her heartbroken holidays is as charming and funny as Carrie Bradshaw.

“The Twelve Dates of Christmas” playwright and actress, Ginna Hoben, who is based in New York, penned the play in response to the wealth of one- or two-man Christmas plays available for performance. Her work at the time directly addressing the audience in performances with the American Shakespeare Center influenced the style of the show.

Plus, Hoben and her friends have gone through some similar matters of the heart as her play’s funny protagonist. Chin up, lonesome lovebird. Someday your turtle dove will come.