Yo Gotti at the Bluestone

From the November 22, 2012 edition

I was out of town when Yo Gotti played Martha’s Soul Food Bistro earlier this year, but it must have been a hit because the Memphis rapper is coming back for a second round of trunk-rupturing Southern stunting, this time at The Bluestone.

(Note: I’m the kind of softie whose best reference point for Yo Gotti is when fellow softie Drake name-checked him on “Underground Kings” last year to prove his street cred. But from my brief YouTube research I can tell you Gotti does very good impressions of Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane, and he looks suitably badass when exhaling smoke.)

Since it’s OSU-Michigan game day, maybe Gotti will perform his Gucci-reminiscent 2010 track “Touchdown.”