Local music: Lo-Pan

  • Photo by Meghan Ralston
  • Photo by Meghan Ralston
From the November 29, 2012 edition

Lo-Pan’s rise to recognition has been as lumbering and methodical as the band’s music. But given the tour mates they’re rolling into town with, the Columbus metal combo’s hardnosed slog is paying off. Singer Jeff Martin wrote from Canada before Lo-Pan hits Ace of Cups this Wednesday with High on Fire and Goatwhore, two heavy-hitters of the genre.

Your Facebook updates have been fun to read. Has this been much different from previous tours?

This has definitely been a very exciting tour for us. Playing every night with bands that we are fans of is a great honor and becoming friends with those people is a pleasure. Everyone on the tour has been extremely gracious and personable with us and we are being treated well. This is not so much different from our previous tours as it is made easier BECAUSE of our previous tours. Everything is very well managed and organized and the fact that we are practiced at showing up on time and setting up/tearing down quickly is a big asset.

What's been the craziest thing on this tour so far?

So far I think the craziest thing has been when Matt Pike set someone on fire in the parking lot in Austin. Literally engulfed in flames. Flame retardant suit notwithstanding, it was pretty amazing to watch.

Biggest surprise so far?

The biggest surprise so far has been that the people we expected to be intimidating or that we thought would have big personalities have just been totally humble and very, very cool people. Especially Goatwhore. We have become fast friends with those guys and they are our buddies now.

What did you do for Thanksgiving on the road? Was that weird?

For Thanksgiving we had turkey sandwiches on the road. We have been on the road for Thanksgiving before so we are kinda used to that. This is our family so it makes sense for us.

Any news on a new album?

We have six or seven new songs done for a new recording that we are playing off and on this tour. No solid plans to record yet though.